10 Top Advantages of Using Under the Sink Water Filters


Apart from drinking, sooner or later you might be inclined to use bottled water for cooking. But hey, lest you forget or if you did not read the previous article, here is a reminder – bottled water is not safe…a lot of it is tap water. I am not trying to scare you, this is a fact, a lot of what you purchase in bottles is of dubious quality. And also imagine what it will cost you? The bottom line is that this is quite impractical. Of course, you are a health freak and so you can dispute this, but for once, hear me out on this. It is far much cheaper and convenient to use under the sink water filters. This will guarantee you protection and high quality water.

If you haven’t given it a thought, it is time you made a switch, but first, here are benefits to help you on your way you might want to consider.

  • Under the sink filters will reduce the microbial cysts, select pharmaceuticals and lead that can be found in your drinking water. You will not need to replace your filters often because they last up to six months. Changing them is also easy and does not require any special skills or tools.
  • If you compare the cost then you will realize that under the sink water filter supplies more pure water at cheaper unit cost. The technology uses carbon block or granular filtration which is an economical way of having a steady supply of clean water at almost less than 10 cents per gallon. Can you beat that?
  • It is obvious that you want a clutter-free kitchen and lots of space. Let’s face it, these filters are the most practical way to do so because they are out of sight and will not get in the way. If you have a small kitchen and little space to spare, here is your answer.
  •  Hiring a plumber? No way! They are easy to install and use. It only takes minutes to have them installed and working. You only need to do this twice a year and you will have more than enough fresh, clean water flowing out of the tap all year round with no more effort required on your part.
  • They are absolutely effective. As compared to other methods that employ distillation or reverse osmosis (which still have to be used in conjunction with carbon filters) under the sink filters that uses carbon filtration technology completely removes both synthetic and organic chemicals from your water.
  • This technology effectively removes all contaminants from your water but spares the beneficial trace minerals. This means you will be drinking water free from chemical contamination but rich in natural trace minerals that are good for your health.
  • The filters require little space and need no maintenance unlike reverse osmosis that need very high water pressure and diaphramed storage tank in order to be effective.
  • The filters are fast and produce a lot of water per hour.
  • Chemicals like chlorine that give your water a nasty taste are completely removed.
  • As I hinted above, you will not need to purchase bottled water for cooking or drinking. You will have no need for separate countertop compartments or pitchers since all the water you need will come straight out of the faucet.

There we are. You can choose from any number of filters, but if you want a steady supply of fresh, clean water economically and effortlessly, it is time you thought under the sink water filters.

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