5 Tips on Picking a Location to Study Abroad


Are you ready to continue your education overseas? Excellent! Now you need to pick the right university for you to create a fun, enriching experience while you work toward your degree. You will be spending at least one semester or more pursuing your studies in an international setting, so it makes perfect sense to do serious legwork before you decide to buy your plane ticket. Take the time to gauge exactly why you want to study abroad and you will be well on your way to making the right decision for you.

Decide on Why You Wish to Study Overseas to Make the Correct Choice

If you know why you want to purpose your studies in an international setting it will be easier for you to make the right choice. Maybe you desire studying in a tropical paradise, or perhaps choosing a school which is well-known for your major is most important for you. In any case you must commit to finding your reason why and holding the emotion throughout the due diligence process. You will make a smart decision if you keep your primary driver in place.

Go Deeper Into the Aspect of Climate to Make a Better Choice

Ok, so you are all set to travel to a tropical paradise, ready to continue your studies in a high energy vibrant location. You arrive to torrents of rain, and snag maybe a peak of sunshine for a week. Yep, your semester fell directly in the middle of low, or monsoon, season. Dig a little deeper before you snag your plane ticket and head overseas because many university locations will experience seasonable changes during your semester. You want to choose the right environment for you. Of course if you love rain, then go during wet season, as it might inspire you to study a bit more.

Choose a University with an Excellent Reputation

Maybe you pick a school in Bali, Indonesia because you want to hang ten and hit the surf daily, but if the school does not provide you with a proper education you will be wasting your time. Think of your studies as a working vacation, so avoid the urge to pick a hotspot based solely on reasons not related to your academic career. Pick a climate which vibes with you, but also make sure the school has an excellent reputation so you can get a great education too.

Do You Know the Language?

You can create a more pleasant experience if you speak at least a few words in the native tongue, and if you really want to open doors for yourself it helps tremendously to be fluent in the native language. Your experience changes dramatically if you can speak to the locals in their language, as you will likely be treated differently than a foreigner who cannot speak a word. Yes, people at your university will speak English, and many people in surrounding towns will speak English too based on your location, but if you want to enrich the experience learn more than a few words in the native dialect.

Make Selecting the Proper Academic Offerings the Primary Criteria

You are going to school – abroad or locally – to study, develop your skill set and build a fun career. While the choice to study abroad is more about the experience than the educational aspect, you want to consider this. If you are going for a human services degree,  for example, you want to make sure you are taking classes that will help you fulfill your requirements and not put you behind. Resist the urge to pick a college based on hitting a dream vacation spot alone, as that will come later when you get good grades, attack your major and get a good job down the road.

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