How Technology Improved Life At Home


Thanks to recent and not so recent developments in technology the amount of time spent on domestic chores has decreased significantly. According to various studies on the topic now people need half the time to finish with household duties compared to their grandparents. New technologies in vacuuming, laundry and dishwashing have improved the efficiency with which these jobs are performed. Tumble dryers, microwaves and toasters are a few examples of these new age home heroes.

These products have and still play a vital part in increasing home life quality. What’s more today they are easily affordable and are consider as a necessity for one’s home. You can find them across five continents, in poor, middle-class or extremely rich households. Our list today consists of several examples.


In the age of Internet, smartphones and laptops it seems normal to start with organizational applications. With millions of useful and not so useful applications for sharing, photo editing, video streaming, etc. organization applications are gaining prominence.

Today they are celebrated as an effective tool to schedule daily routine – important home chores included. Everything that you used to write down like to-do lists, grocery lists, and calendars are available for your smartphone. Applications simply synchronize your calendar after you’re done and you don’t have to repeat a task twice. Or forget to do it. To get more information regarding the benefits of mobile applications in the everyday life visit this website: 

The Microwave

It has been in our homes since 1967. What it did is to revolutionize home cooking. Since then preparing a meal has become quite easy, more energy efficient and a lot faster. People were quick to notice the potential of this true gem in the kitchen. Conventional ovens just can’t compare with its speed. Recently some added features like defrosting and a grill have made the microwave even more functional.


Always a great tool to reduce humidity in one’s home to protect it from unpleasant mold and mildew growth. As an additional benefit, these delightful tools improve your indoor air quality immensely. Dehumidifiers reduce allergies and prevent mold-related diseases from reaching your home. To learn more about the benefits of a dehumidifier, visit this website:

Cleaning Devices

Probably cleaning the home is the most time consuming and tiring task of all. Not to mention that it’s really boring. Although traditional tools like brooms and dusters are still used, there is a great number of technologies that have changed the way we live forever. The vacuum cleaner is probably the icon of this development. It extracts dirt, dust and loose particle like nothing before that and helps you keep your carpet in tip-top shape.

Next comes the dishwasher that totally revolutionized the way people spent their evenings. Instead of washing the dishes, now you simply put them in the dishwasher and relax. Another great time saver is the wash machine. Can you imagine hand washing all those clothes, bed sheets, etc.? Check out this website to get detailed information about modern technologies which change our lifestyle.

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