How to Check Your Website Authority in Less Than 5 Minutes?


Websites come and go. But, how do you know if your website is here to stay? Checking your website Domain Authority can help answer that question. And fortunately for you, it only takes a few minutes! You can check several things off the list: domain age, Contconcord DA Checker, etc. Let’s take a look at each,

Domain Age

One of the simplest measures of a site’s longevity is its domain age. The older, the better—especially over six months old. You can use Whoisology or Domaintools to research this information quickly and easily. However, be aware that many new domains are registered daily, so even an aged site may not be as reliable as one would hope they’d be these days when choosing whether or not to put too much trust into such metrics, although still worth taking into consideration.

Impacts of Domain Age

Overall, Domain authority would rank nowhere near as high on most lists of sites with short lifespans that were taken out completely from calculations disregarding their impact factor – which in turn penalizes newer sites trying hard to make headway. SEOMOZ page authority score considers all sorts of additional factors, including spam detection & investigation results, also looking at the number & quality of backlinks, social media shares, etc.

Contconcord DA Checker

The Contconcord Domain Authority Checker is a free online tool that allows you to check the domain authority of any website. Enter the URL of the site you would like to check and click “Check.” The Contconcord DA Checker will then return its rating for that site and a breakdown of all of its individual metrics.

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