How to Throw an Awesome New Year’s Party


It’s that time of the year when you retrospect on the time gone by. You crib over the lost opportunities, but also look forward to the new ones that will come. What better way to bid goodbye to the past and welcome the future than a NEW YEAR’S PARTY? Throw an awesome party, spread the cheer, and greet the New Year with the people you love the most. The following are some tips to help you plan and execute the celebration that will forever be etched in your memory:

  • A New Year’s Party guest list calls for an eclectic mix of guests who will add life to your party. Crazy friends who will break into an impromptu jig, colleagues who will indulge in food fights and some acquaintances you can have a quiet chat with are the sort of guests you should invite for a night to remember.
  • Next step is the invitation. Choose between a bright, vivid looking invitation that will make the guest look forward to your party or a simple phone call which is inexpensive and the most reliable form of communication.
  • The location of the party is another important aspect of throwing an unforgettable party. Your home or the neighborhood clubhouse is an ideal place to celebrate. Make sure that your venue is accessible to all your guests and can accommodate a good number of guests.
  • The next and probably the most exciting aspect of party planning can be deciding the theme. Have a retro styled theme to welcome the future or maybe a magical theme to get your guests interested in coming to your party.
  • Co-ordinate the decorations of the venue with your theme. Balloons, streamers and confetti are some of the most popular party decorations that you can’t go wrong with. However, do not use any expensive decorative articles like vases or paintings that will restrict your guests from having a free- spirited night. All-in-all, use decorations that will get your guests in the mood for partying.
  • Since dancing will be activity of the evening, ensure that you have music that will make the guests dance through night and maintain the high tempo all through. Have some slow music on the list too for the ‘couples’ time. You can get a DJ if you prefer to look after other aspects of the party.
  • A party without food and drinks is incomplete. Get some light snacks, cocktails and other food that will allow your guests to move around and mingle with others whilst satiating their hunger pangs. Make sure everyone has a glass of champagne when the clock strikes 12 and a cake to welcome the New Year.
  • Lastly, have a camera person on hand to take candid pictures and videos of all the crazy and awesome moments that your guests are bound to have. Make memories, but make certain that they are captured for your future amusement too!

Refer to these pointers but ultimately do what YOU think will make the night memorable and a great way to end another year. Welcome the New Year with pomp and positivity, with the people you love.
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