How to Watch Newly Released Indian Movies in a Foreign Country


Movies have a huge influence on the lifestyle and fashion on Indians residing in various parts of the world. When you are residing in India, you can keep track of the new movies releasing at the local theaters. But the Indians who have recently shifted to a foreign country often find it a daunting task to watch the newly released movies in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and other regional languages. However, the advancement in communication technologies has made it much more convenient for you to watch the new movies even when you are residing outside India. You can simply use your computer with internet connectivity and book tickets for the movies releasing on the upcoming Friday.

Do an Online Search: The huge popularity of the Indian movies encourages the movie-makers to release the movie in many foreign countries. So there are chances that the new Bollywood movie may be releasing in a theater nearby to your current location. You can simply initiate a local web search by entering the name of the movie and your city. The search query will fetch you information about the theaters running the latest Indian movies. Also, you can visit the website of the movie theater to book tickets for a show.

Join the Indian Community Websites: If busy work schedule does not allow you to keep track of the movies releasing this Friday, it is a good idea to join one of the popular Indian community website. For instance, if you are residing in Detroit, you can consider joining a popular community portal to stay connected with other Indians. Also, you can regularly visit the website to gather information about various cultural events and movies. You can even subscribe to the online portal to get regular notification about the upcoming movies and cultural events without spending any extra time.

Subscribe to Newsletters: An increasing number of viewers residing in different countries love to watch the new Indian movies. Similarly, many young people are learning Bollywood dance and music to perform during various parties. So many websites share fresh and updated information about the big movies to be released soon. You can choose some of these websites, and subscribe to the newsletter. As the newsletters will be sent to your email id, you can easily keep track of the movies releasing this week. It is also a good idea to subscribe to the websites of the local movie theaters to get updates about the newly released movies.

A person residing outside India has several options to watch the newly released movies. You must evaluate different options and choose the best way to gather information about and book tickets for the Indian movies releasing next weekend.

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