Ayurveda: An Effective Way To Cure Women’s Sexual Health Today


This apparent lost in interest in sex is typically attributed to several factors as follows:

  • Women get reluctant to have sex because they already lost appetite for sex and they see it as a stressing activity only.
  • Women are not easily stimulated or excited by mere sexual innuendos.
  • She never experienced reaching orgasm ever in her life in the course of any sexual act.
  • For many women, sexual intercourse is very painful for them and so they refrain from the practice.

As a consequence of the situation stated above, many relationships suffer and some end to become unfaithful which may definitely lead to separation. The American typical medicine has not yet come up with a medicine highly approved by FDA for curing women with sexual issues. But a good number of these prescription drugs are basically dangerous and carry with them some harmful side effects.

Because of these side effects and related issues, more and more people are turning back to the alternative medicine and treatments like ayuverda to remedy their sexual health problems using natural herbs which does not bear any side effects.

The following are the popular ayurvedic herbs used for years now to cure as well as enhance women’s sexual desires:

Indian Tinospora

This kind of herb will increase the level of immunity of women, as a consequence of which women turn to be very strong and invigorated for any physical activities.


Licorice is a medicinal herb used to fight cancer and promotes healthy function of liver as well as aid in fighting premature aging.


Onion is an herb that helps digestion and metabolism. It will be shown to have a very positive effect on the women’s sexual glands.

Withania Somnifera

Withania somnifera is treated as one of the most powerful aphrodisiac in the ayurveda. It is often treated as the most potent sexual remedy.

Mace or myristica fragrans

Mace is a great herb for increasing sexual vigor and aids in prolonging sexual activity as well as the further sensitivity in the vaginal area.

All of these herbs have been tried and tested through time and they are all proven to cure various kinds of sexual diseases in women. If you want an herbal remedy without many side effects, then use these ayurvedic remedies to bring back fun into your sexual life today.

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