7 Important Tips for Echo-Friendly Renovations


Home renovations are not just about demolishing walls, fixing new features and repainting. There are quite a number of decisions that a homeowner has to think of such as the cost of renovating, what areas to refurbish, and what handyman or contractor to hire. Rarely do people think of a very important component – green renovation. It is important to think of the environmental impact the project is going to have. Some of the things you need to consider include the building materials released, the source of the new materials, the toxins and substances that often accompany renovations etc. In this article there are practical tips to help you undertake an eco-friendly renovation.

  1. Instead of pulling things down and demolishing, you should think of deconstructing. Think carefully, survey and determine all the materials you can re-use. If you look keenly, you will notice there are many items such as tiles, bricks, light fixtures, cabinets, moldings and flooring that you don’t have to throw away. This is very cost-effective and beneficial to the environment.
  2. Promote energy efficiency. One of the most expensive but least visible items in a home are the utility/energy bills that you pay. When renovating think of how you can make your home energy efficient by installing renewable sources of power like solar panels, or skylights that simply require natural light etc. If you are using fossil fuels such as gas or oil, you can switch to heat-pump systems or biomass boilers.
  3. Still on promoting energy efficiency, purchase and install only energy-saving appliances and fixtures like double pane doors and windows etc.
  4. Purchase recycled materials to upgrade your home. There are many types of renovating products that are made from recycled materials which are far much cheaper than acquiring new ones. Using biodegradable materials will reduce the level of toxic gases and chemicals released into the environment. It is also a clever way of conserving the natural environment.
  5. If you must buy new materials, do so from companies that specialize in selling green renovating materials. The advantage of such materials is that they are durable and easy to maintain. A little bit of research online will lead you to such supply companies.
  6. If you purchase new items, it is important to consider what you are going to do with the demolished materials. You have many options. You can donate them to a neighbour, or recycle, for instance, bricks from you non-functional fireplace can be used in the yard etc.
  7. It is vital to identify the kind of person you are going to use for your remodeling project. In this instance not every handyman can do. Look for a green-savvy building professional who is well versed in eco-friendly home construction.

The cost of almost everything has gone through the roof, and this includes construction. To help cut down on expenses you need to implement green renovation ideas. Make your home stand out from the rest in a cost-effective, eco-friendly and attractive way.

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