The Benefits of Sun Awnings and Sun Shades to your Home


Installing a sun awning or shade to your home increases the benefits and pleasure you will gain from your increased outdoor living space whether over patios or balconies or simply shading south facing windows. On extremely sunny days they provide welcoming shade and protection from fierce UV rays and glare and on warm showery days can allow you to still enjoy being outside in comfort if you select a waterproof fabric. Those days when you feel warm enough to be outdoors but need a little protection from light drizzle allow you to make the most of the use of your balcony, patio, decking or lawn for longer periods of the year. There never seems to be enough entertaining space for parties or special occasions so installing awnings gives you that room for guests to spread out more. Without doubt eating outside seems like a real treat and food seems to taste better. For more information on why it’s important to have as much natural light as possible in your house, visit this website

Awnings also protect the interior of your home where windows are large or face south. Selecting a tilting style allows for the movement of the sun during the day to be tracked automatically. Shading daytime glare helps keep the inside cooler and stops soft furnishings and curtains from fading when exposed to repeated strong sunlight. Retractable awnings can be drawn in automatically in bad weather to protect them from strong winds or rain.

The detrimental effects of being in prolonged direct sunlight are well documented and sun awnings can offer good protection for everyone whilst at the same time letting you gain from the health and psychological benefits of being in the fresh air. Fit one where your children play or people with poorer mobility like to sit and they will be kept safe and comfortable even on the hottest days.

Sun shades and awnings come in a wide range of materials and colours which can be matched or contrasted with your existing decor to add flair and distinction to the outside of your home. Choose one with a sturdy mechanism and fabric and they will usually last for 10 or more years.

There is a wide range of styles and models to choose from whether you want simple manually operated patio awnings or a more sophisticated tilting automated system. Bear in mind how easy it will be for you to use the awning once it is in position. If the window to be shaded is not easily reached then choose an automated operating mechanism.

Semi permanent sun awnings and shades erected with uprights over a lawn or decking can have side panels added to really give a feel of an outdoor room with much greater protection. Sides can be opened or closed depending on the weather and really enhance your garden when decorated with outdoor lighting and garden furniture. In good summers people have added carpets and more sophisticated lounging accessories for a very sumptuous look. Ideal for entertaining in the evening or giving the younger members of the family their own space.

Some fabrics and colours blend better with traditional brick or stone construction. The overall effect of contrasting piping and stitching gives a very different look in each case. Take some time to choose your style and they will enhance your home for years to come. Stripes and block colours look neater and less fussy than patterns but the choice is up to you. Dark colours used in conjunction with pale fabrics look very elegant. For example contrast maroon with cream and dark blue with yellow for very chic awnings for an urban setting. Some fabrics come with heat reflecting linings for further protection and shade

Wherever you live and whatever the weather installing sun blinds and shades can enhance your home and really make it stand out from the neighbours. They add that final distinctive finish to the outside decor of the property. Selling a home with sun awnings fitted is also an extra bonus when it comes to kerb appeal and making your home look welcoming and stylish to prospective buyers and is money well spent from every aspect. To discover more about home staging suggestions to promote the sale of your house, visit this website:

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