How to Transform Your Home Decor with Stylish LED Lighting


There are many ways to update your home ddcor, from giving the walls a fresh lick of paint to changing the soft furnishings and curtains. One of the most useful tools for overhauling the style and appearance of your rooms is the lighting and LED lights are a great modern way to get a fresh new look.

LED is rapidly becoming the most popular choice for home lighting. Where LED light once had a reputation for being harsh and cold, advances in the technology have resulted in much warmer hues of white LED lighting, which together with a variety of different colors can add warmth, texture, and focus to the features of your room. If you still have some questions in mind regarding home décor, then visit this website for further details.

Many home-owners are realising the advantages of LED lighting and as a result, lighting suppliers and retailrsare widening their ranges of LED lighting to complement other lighting ranges that are available. This is giving a much greater choice to customers and allows the opportunity to achieve stunning home lighting effects using a combination of lighting types.

1. Plan Ahead

The key to getting the perfect lighting style for your home is to consider each room individually, draw up a plan and know in advance what effects your are aiming for. Your furniture style and layout, the types of wood and surface finishes you have will be key considerations. Architectural details, such as coving, fireplaces and recesses can also be added to the lighting plan.

Most important will be the way in which the rooms are used. The lounge, for example, is usually a place of relaxation, family time and entertainment, so the lighting here will mainly need to be ambient. Ceiling lights, either pendant or recessed spotlights, will be essential. The main light source can then be complemented with feature lighting and lamps. Shelving, lit from below or above using a warm white LED light makes a great focal point for an alcove or main wall area, while a fireplace can be lit using a spotlight trained upon it from the ceiling, or a strip or tape light which lights all the way around the fire surround. This is where a coloured LED light source can really make an eye catching feature. To create the perfect ambient lighting for a relaxing room, LED can be combined with low voltage lighting which gives a softer and subdued atmosphere.

2. Task lighting

Rooms where much more activity takes place, such as a study or workroom, will need a main lighting source, such as a ceiling fitting, complemented by task lighting. This is also true of kitchens, where visiblelighting under the cabinets can provide the ideal level of work lighting over the countertops. Atmosphere can be added to a kitchen with lighting placed above cabinets, to highlight features such as a chimney breast or picture rail and at plinth level to give a lighting wash across the floor. A good lighting supplier can provide advice and help to get the lighting you want for every room. Getting proper help before you begin installing the lighting will be invaluable.

3. Energy Efficiency

The real beauty of LED is that it is an energy efficient source of light, so while installing LED lights will mean spending some money, the long term savings will far outweigh the initial expense. Further savings are possible due to the extensive lifespan of the bulbs, which can last up to 20 years, giving you a virtually maintenance free way to light up your home.

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